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Featured Work

"Biscayne Lady"


Inspired by a single diver’s flipper taken from the Park clean-up project, a whole new sea creature emerged from the debris like a genie of the Bay. Biscayne Lady is formed primarily from marine debris, flotsom and recycled materials, and  seems to dance over the waters of this Park, that is 95 percent underwater.

Poem - Inspired by the art


Biscayne Lady

By Tom Callinan, Visiting Musician at

Biscayne National Park 

© 2018 – CANNU YUSIC, LTD.

[Inspired by Ron Garrett's sculpture]

Hurricanes come and hurricanes go,

Erasing what's topside with what's down below.

Lost for all time, some have opined,

Later dumbstruck, when treasures floated back with the brine.

A scavenger-artist, scanned the beach of the bay,

In hopes that The Muse had brought something his way – 

A trinket, a bauble, a Spanish doubloon,

A once treasured keepsake, from somebody's room.


Flotsam and jetsam, in and out with the tides,

Mother Nature's a trickster, known far and wide.

Here today, gone tomorrow, blink and it's changed

Just part of the magic on the Bay of Biscayne.

But this day brought no treasure, nothing ever-so-grand,

Just the tip of a flipper, sticking out of the sand.

"Some poor diver's loss," the beachcomber shrugged,

And discouraged, he poked it – but it just wouldn't budge.

So he picked up a stick, to use as a tool;

Digging with driftwood, he thought, "What a fool!"

But at the end of the flipper was a skeletal foot,

Ensnared by a seine, and wrapped-up like a boot.



Preserved and encased, with the catch-of-the day,

From some long-ago time and some faraway place.

He couldn't stop digging, and he whittled-away

Several pieces of driftwood, in the sand by the bay.

The seine had enveloped her body, now gone,

To become a strange shroud, encrusted upon 

With seashells and fish and seaweed and stones;

Mummified by the ocean, how long had she roamed?


But wherever she'd been, and whatever her name,

Wasn't lost for all time, beneath the sands of Biscayne.

'Cause since she's been found, she now hangs on a wall,

To amaze, and bewitch, and inspire us all.