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Welcome to the world of Multi-faceted artist RON GARRETT

Welcome to the world of Multi-faceted artist RON GARRETT

Welcome to the world of Multi-faceted artist RON GARRETTWelcome to the world of Multi-faceted artist RON GARRETT

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Trifecta embodies art from 3 traveling shows


Garrett brings a selection of Reductive Woodcuts from his show highlighting Biscayne National Parks 50th Anniversary celebration. These pieces hang in Highland Beach City Hall. Monoprints of sunken ships off Hutchinson Island are also featured in the Building Department.  

The entire show featuring the sunken ships of the Maritime Heritage Trail are on sale at the Elliott Museum in Hutchinson Island till Dec. 1st


The main Community Center Room in the Library features bold, playful satirical work, and spans several decades of Garrett’s love of the sea, reaching for the Beachcomber in all of us! He cleverly uses traditional etching and woodcut approaches, infused with bits and pieces of humor. His love for the everyday ‘fisher folk’ and their lifestyles is apparent throughout his narrative storyboard etchings of life along the water’s edge. Garrett’s style-often depicts a “Pop” art approach, and the show includes vibrant watercolors, drawings and textured paintings. 



Finally, in the Rotunda on the west side of the Library and in the hallways, Garrett has large Graphite/Mixed Media Assemblage paintings of natural disasters, and sculptures of sunken ships. Each piece sings its own special song of the tragedy of lives lost and the bravery of the human spirit. The focus is on the poetry of the forces of nature, decay, as well as the corrosive power of saltwater on human endeavors