Between the Tides now at the Elliott Museum May 21-July 28, 2019 - All work for sale!

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Between The Tides - From Biscayne to the Elliott Museum!

Biscayne National Park


"Merging Art, Archaeology and Conservation", Artist Ron Garrett has created mixed media sculptures, paintings, linocuts/woodcuts and etchings of marine life and shipwrecks .

Ron’s work in Between the Tides stems from his love of the National Parks and his fascination with sunken ships, marine life, relics, and tales of ancient mariners and pioneers. 

In celebration of Biscayne National Park’s 50th Anniversary in 2018, Garrett collaborated with park rangers and archaeologists to bring to life the many wrecks now preserved as the

Maritime Heritage Trail.

Now at the Elliott!


   The show in its entirety is now on display at the Elliott Museum from May 21 to July 28, 2019.  

Upcycled Materials: Significant portions of Biscayne Lady and Mandalay are created from

marine debris found in Biscayne National Park waters as an Alternative Spring Break cleanup

project in 2017, while Georges Valentine and Manatee Lament have recycled oyster

shells from his family’s volunteer day at Florida Oceanographic Center’s FLOOR project,

and debris from the beach at the House of Refuge  - the only one still in existence since 1830! Come dive the  wreck which is only 100 yards from the House!

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All work is for sale!

Merging Art, Archaeology and Conservation, Artist Ron Garrett has created mixed media sculptures

Sales of artwork is being handled by the Elliott Museum, and benefits the Historical Society of Martin County.

Printmaking: The HMS Fowey shown here is a multi-color reductive woodcut. The large ships in the show are monoprints using oil paints and pulled on a press, while others are reductive linocuts, created by cutting away one linoleum block multiple times for each color and running a very limited edition through a press. Also showing are etchings and woodcuts.

Don't see your favorite shipwreck or South Florida  marine life or birds? Ron is available on a commission basis to create it just for you.!

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