Featured Work


"Chef's Special - Lionfish"

  To help commemorate the 2nd Annual Shipwreck Park LIONFISH DERBY  in Pompano Beach, FL and draw attention to our reefs and their delicate survival in our ecosystem, Garrett has created new work to encourage the spearing of these beautiful but dangerous predators and encourage the ‘foodie’ in us to partake of these delicacies! 

 “CHEF’S SPECIAL - Lionfish”   is a 20” x 15.5” INTAGLIO ETCHING on a zinc plate enhanced with a drypoint plate to create the image, while vibrant colors have been hand painted to create a unique print.  It depicts a whimsical chef bringing out a platter of baked lionfish. The humorous composition appears to mimic a quirky advertisement! No doubt about it, Garrett’s style of dark humor is served on the menu inviting us to go ahead and partake of this invasive reef fish as a specialty cuisine! 

The areas closest shipwreck – the Georges Valentine lies just 100 yards off the rocky shore of the H

"Marlin Splash"

This large 45” x 48” WOODCUT MONOPRINT was created by carving a large plywood block that carried the playful Marlin, while vibrant colors have been hand painted to create a unique monoprint.

The historic Sample McDougald House


The Sample-McDougald House, listed on the National and Local Register of Historic Places, is a distinctive historic house museum known for its unique architecture, history and cultural background. It was built in 1916 by Pompano Beach pioneer and farmer, Albert Neal Sample, who served as community leader till his death in 1941. 

The Colonial Georgian-revival home was sold to William and Sarah McDougald in 1943. Generations of McDougald’s were raised in the home until the 1990s.   The 4,500 sq. ft. structure was then moved to its current location in Centennial Park in May of 2001. Hundreds of local residents and businesses contributed to the restoration and site development through financial and in-kind contributions. After more than a decade-long restoration,  the home opened to the public in November of 2012.