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"We did go to your solo art exhibit at the Dante Fascell Visitors Center yesterday, and were blown away by your stunning variety of mediums and depictions! The multi-media piece, the Mandalay, was both filled with sunlight and shrouded in ghosts of the past, sitting steadfast and fragile, embodying your incredible artistry interwoven with artifacts found beneath the sea!  So many different mediums from oil to linocuts, etchings to sculpture, each with your unique eye to detail, technique, and imagination. Your tribute to Biscayne Bay’s maritime history was profound, so educational,  and so beautifully narrated in each of your explanations hung with the each piece. You must have done vast research before you created many of your drawings, paintings, vessels, and then integrated your long-time fascination with salvage, mythology, and encrusted reborn objects from the deep. You’ve inspired so many young people at School! Obviously, Ron, your art, exhibit, mastery spoke to us, and we congratulate you on this fine exhibit in such a beautiful and extraordinary setting. I hope you will be able to have it hung in another venue once this exhibit is over, as it deserves to be shared with a much larger audience! My personal favorite was your etching, ‘Two Anhingas’, poetic, fluid, intimate and beautifully composed.You are a truly fine artist, Ron, and your exhibit was brilliant! Thank you for sharing it with us, and those who are lucky enough to explore Biscayne National Park!" W.F. Englewood, FL Feb 25, 2018

'The art looks great, I like the lighting effects on the Manatee painting. I hope you sell them all.' A.T. Parma, OH Feb 19, 2018

'Ron, your artistic talent is breathtakingly beautiful. Your desire to bring life back into the Atlantic waters is something that reminds us of how good can come from tragedies. Thank you for sharing your talents with others.'  J.G. Boca Raton, FL Feb. 14, 2018

'From a viewer perspective, it was very interesting and educational to experience such detailed works of art through the eyes of the Artist, Ron Garrett. The strong emotions depicted among these pieces are evident through his eyes and conveyed to the viewer as seen in his "Early Keys Settler" oil monoprint, the sculpture recycled from junk and debris resurrected from the ocean's bottom, "Lugano", as well as the "First Shot - 1827" with all its historic journey and dangers in the Gulfstream waters. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from viewing this artist's created works to honor the ships and life of marine heritage. Congratulations on your exhibit at the Biscayne National Park and hope to get to see you at the March 3rd Presentation.' J.P. Stokesdale, NC Feb. 13, 2018

"Beautiful work Ron. Thanks for sharing your talent :) "  M.P. Boca Raton, FL Feb. 13, 2018

"I LOVE Danger Shoal !!!!! It would look totally perfect next to my LeRoy Neiman. A great collection of great art."  J.K. Brooksville, FL Feb 8, 2018

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